Exploring manifestation of metaphysical attraction

I know others call it by a different name, yet desire always serves as the catalyzing energy behind conscious creation.

Cosmic consciousness.

As a rule of thumb, if you are aiming to co-create a new physical reality, or to create a new reality, as expounded in the compendium of esoteric knowledge known as The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne), there are a number of difficult conditions that must definitely be take into account.

Stop the questions, now, perhaps, and instead allow yourself to accept that the spiritual form of human "being" - as exemplified by manifestation and such like phenomena are a spiritual gift which allows us to make ourselves into something more than we otherwise would be.

Next? Well, you need an almost consuming desire to achieve a certain outcome! Your desire needs to be for a specific approach to your existence and relationships with the world.

Please always keep in mind there's no question of the importance of the eternal necessity of nigh-on tangible desire to acquire something you haven't yet managed to bring into your life, imparting determination for change in the quality of your life.

Of course a large number of us require more understanding. Can we accept, as an explanation for manifestation, some science? I mean, that matter and energy are the same. We now know, because of particle physics research, atoms and energy are, at the point of formation, only different according to the means of viewing them. Our most eminent and knowledgeable scientists say our mental energy can somehow impact earthly places, circumstances and events.

Nevertheless, a lot of people simply fail to realize their aim. Often this is due to the fact they obviously don't have a strong sense of self-esteem and simply do not believe that they're worthy enough to receive. If this might be true for you, take time to visualize this object and compare it against your intuitive reaction. This will reveal if you feel it is an achievable goal for you personally. That's a normal bodily sense. And in case you find that you can't accept it - that is to say, your instinct indicates this is not believable - then the way to alter this is to gradually reduce your goal until it approaches a level at which you feel whole acceptance of the possibility that it really can establish. Then you have produced a target which you can enjoy acquiring without doubts. You then reach the issue of creating firm expectation. Often, expectation - or the deficiency of it - centers on what we know as the means of creation - or the cursed hows. This is a name that started with author Wallace Wattles in the first part of the last century, in his respected book Getting Rich. Mr Wattles emphasized that becoming caught up with the methods of generating money would make you lose belief. He suggested that it is no matter of yours how the universe will deliver your objectives. What you need to do is feel true emotional desire, have faith, and gratefully expect, your wish to manifest and then you might manifest the personal objectives that you have asked to be supplied by the universe.

I should think you've already worked out the next quality: desire which consumes you with its intensity! And so you need certainty. Certainty, that is, about a very personal target.

CREATIVE VISUALIZATION: Law Of Attraction Crystal Caves ...

We believe the part of your brain responsible for manifestation really functions best when it has a clear set of instructions just like your computer; your subconscious has no capacity to do anything without a appropriate progressive series of instructions relevant to the situation. In your case your program guidelines are most often your favored goal. When this is absent, very little indeed can happen in your world.

In fact, resolution and commitment is a powerful sign to your logical mind that you are confident about sticking to your goal. And when the Great Mystery is certain you are clear about your targets, your creative mind starts to process ideas in an amazing way and cause coincidences and chance happenings and thereby direct you towards your targets more effectively than you can currently imagine.

Certainly, when faced with such radical ideas, you may reject them. And yes, what a good job you have doubts (if you do!) For being too easily impressed is a real danger. You need to make your own mind up! And sure, why not? The fact of the matter is fears are very worthwhile as an attitude. And is it possible, do you think, that we have no right to make those who know the power of manifestation question the natural phenomenon of the Law of Attraction and Creation.

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