Freddie And Sebbie Gets Award For Top Rated Kick Mats On Amazon Car Seat Protectors Product Review

Amazon Marketplace seller Freddie and Sebbie has been accredited for their fantastic customer support from Amazon customer comments covering their whole accessory range.

Among the 1352 client evaluations, one of the latest released on Amazon is from a Mercedes Benz GLA 250 car owner who just says they get the job done, with Ted Steixneron, a Honda car owner, stating: "Bought the car kick mats for my new 2015 Honda Oddesey. Work great when you have actually got 3 tinkers that do nothing but kick the backs of car seats with stinky muddy sneakers. A really terrific item that fits nice and snug."

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Another Honda car owner and mom says: "Thank goodness I found these kick mats! My three-year-old doesn't kick the back of the front seat, but she loves to extend her legs straight and utilize the back of the seat as a foot rest. Because I currently am leasing my car, I aim to keep it clean where I can. It was too challenging remembering to have my daughter remove her shoes each time she got in the car. I currently drive a Honda CRV. The mat fits and covers the entire back of the front seat. It has never ever slipped at the top or on the sides. It remains smooth and looks good. Plus it is much less time-consuming to clean down the mat than to scrub the seat back. I appreciate that there were 2 car kick mats in the package. I just require one today, but it's nice to have a spare. I love these mats!"

More info about the whole Freddie and Sebbie range is offered to see either on their main Amazon storefront, or on their website,

Business spokesman, Neil Speight has actually expressed the firms appreciation in a recent interview, saying... "On behalf of Freddie and Sebbie, I 'd like to give our thanks to Zack for writing the kick mats 1000th Amazon customer review. We are really grateful to all of our loyal clients for leaving such great feedback about the kick mats. With the Second year anniversary for our best selling item on the horizon, we would never have actually believed back then, how well this product would assist moms and dads to conserve their car leather seats from getting kids scuff marks on them. This is something supported by essentially all of the Amazon evaluations, which also indicate that the Freddie and Sebbie kick mats are a great size for a lot of cars, so full marks to our design team."

Official company representative, Neil Speight, stated in his latest press conference that lots of vehicle owners are frequently worried about spots and scuff-marks being left on their car seats, which are frequently caused by food and beverage spillages, or due to mucky and dirty shoe marks left by children sat in the back of the car. He added: "Freddie and Sebbie has brought an end to such concerns with the utmost security provided by our Car Kick Mats, which have been developed to fit most cars. As part of the second anniversary celebration, the item is presently available at a savings cost on Amazon."

Troy Johnson, father of twins, has actually stated in a recently published 5 star item review: "My better half has actually been looking for 6 months for "kick mats" for our Acura MDX. I have actually discovered that the leather had actually been getting rather dirty from the children's shoes and decided that I wasn't going to wait for the dealership to get back to us about Acura seat protectors. I bought these believing that they would be "functional". They are quite a bit more than functional; they are classy, incredibly well constructed and simple to install. I was worried about whether I would feel the straps on the bottom of the motorist and passenger seats and I can honestly say that I do not even notice them. Our kids have actually been riding in the car with them for 4 days now without any complaints either. I was hoping that my twins would not destroy the interior of my new SUV and I now have complete peace of mind, at least as far as the back of the seats are concerned! I just purchased a second set for my truck. These mats work terrific and are a 2 minute installation!"

However according to Neil Speight, the genuine draw comes from a benefit that Freddie and Sebbie offers with the purchase of their kick mats, a special lifetime replacement guarantee. Lastly another raving consumer has composed: "I was initially looking into Britax, Brica, Prince Lionheart, Munchkin, and Summer Infant brands, however the Freddie and Sebbie Car Kick Mats include a lifetime replacement guarantee!" More info regarding this distinct warranty, in addition to more item information and client ratings can be found on the Freddie and Sebbie shop, with extra business information discovered on

Freddie and Sebbie has been selling their Car Kick Mats for just over 2 years now, and they currently have an average rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. They are developed to slip on the back of a car seat to safeguard it from scuff marks, mud and stains that inevitably mark car interiors from children's shoes. Melissa Cota said in her rating about the kick mats: "I really enjoy them. I am a coach and I got these to safeguard my car - they are wonderful! Actually, the best part is that I get emails from Freddie and Sebbie staff making sure I'm happy. I have actually received the best online customer support from Freddie and Sebbie and I will absolutely buy from them again."

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