Freddie and Sebbie Introduces Auto Baby Mirror On Amazon Freddie and Sebbie Backseat Child Mirror

In additional evaluations published on Amazon in the last few weeks, lots of parents have been highly recommending the Freddie and Sebbie backseat child mirror to others. One 5 star accessory comment reads: "Love this mirror! It's big enough so that I can see most of my little guy in his baby car seat. The mirror is light-weight but not cheap feeling, and I love the fact that the image is not cockeyed like in some other mirrors I've tried. I would certainly recommend this item to other moms and dads!" While Amanda Lynnon states in her 5 star review: "Love this mirror! Secure, simple installation, sits at an angle for easy adjustment for the best view. Very light weight and the ideal size! I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest and impartial review, but wouldn't have a problem to buy another one at full price in a heart beat."

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He also said that the back seat mirror was really really easy to set up, was 100 % shatter proof, and it would also fit most of seat headrests. His last remark was... "We are truly anticipating getting our very first Amazon client comments for the auto baby mirror, and if anyone come across a problem with the product, our company is extremely unique in providing a life time service warranty."

Freddie and Sebbie children accessory spokesperson, Mr Neil Speight stated... "Any law in place must be imposed on us all at the same level, which includes people, private business or public run ones. As parents, we leave our faith in our elected representatives to take care of our children's safety in all walks of life, so if there is any doubt whatsoever that babies lives are being put at risk while being transported in an ambulance, then something needs to be done about it, and fast."

Another maximum score rating by Erika L Kiah states that this child mirror is best. She adds... "I was gifted one that had the lights. If only I was able to remember the name, however it was horrible, never got it at an angle where I was able to see the child and the reflection was deformed and bad. This Freddie & Sebbie mirror is ideal! The reflection is crystal clear, I like that you can pivot the mirror allowing you to have the perfect angle. My boy is 1 now and will be rear faced at least for another year, so I was after something where I would be able to see him on road trips and stuff like that, particularly if he has treats or a sippy drink. I currently have it on the middle headrest in my Avalon, with it perfectly angled to see him in his seat on the traveler side. The straps allow you to have a truly tight fit, and it was a very simple install, taking under 2 minutes."

One angry mama discussed the event... "I just cannot even express in words how deplorable this truly is. If it had been my child endangered by such an idiotic directive, whoever that responsible individual was, would be requiring an ambulance themselves." Another parent also stated that if he was obliged by law to have his twin babies buckled up in car safety seats, then he would expect the exact same from anyone else transporting his kids, consisting of the event of having to go to health center by Ambulance.

The accessory has presently received 254 Amazon validated client evaluations, with 215 being optimal ratings, offering the infant mirror a mean average 4.8 star score. Freddie and Sebbie official representative, Mr Neil Speight, says that they were very happy with all the feedback given by customers. He added... "We had clearly seen an opening in the market for a luxury backseat baby mirror, and are so grateful to our manufacturing group for permitting us to supply parents having a baby sat rear-faced in a safety seat, with the best option to put their minds at ease while driving."

Numerous cases like the one reported by Fairfax Media have just recently come to light, where the policy change has actually resulted in significant hold-ups when taking children to a health center, when paramedics are simply refusing to co-operate. Paramedics have been informed to strap kids to a pediatric harnesses instead of making use of auto safety seats, though numerous are now saying that they are simply too big for kids under four.

With the recent changes made to safety seat laws in most US states, followed by statements by district authorities that numerous parents had currently been sanctioned for not upholding the brand-new statutes, it would appear that a number of parents have already discovered a method to help them keep their infant rear-facing up till the age of 2, as stipulated by the new modifications to regulations.

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