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Acne terms

There are many forms of acne. Below is a list of terms and acne symptoms that will help you describe the actor you are experiencing.

Acne aestivalis. This is a special form of acne that presents itself with multiple, red and uniform lesions. It occurs primarily after long exposure in the sun.

Acne congoblata. This is a highly inflammatory skin condition that has draining pus, abscesses, and nodules.  This type of acting appears mainly in men and is associated with high levels of testosterone. It is also seeing a man who abuse anabolic steroids. For those that do not use anabolic steroids, it persists usually for a long time tapering off when the person turns 45. It is very common between the ages of 18 to 31.

Acne cosmetica. This is acne that is caused by cosmetic products such as foundations, eyeliner, skin creams and lotions. It occurs because these products typically clog up the pores causing ridges and bumps. It was a particular problem in the 1970s for dermatologist but through their advocacy and advancements in cosmetic testing this type of acne has subsided greatly in the general population.

Acne Fulminans. This form of acne is the result of the unsuccessful treatment of acne conglobata.  It's is attributed to high levels of P acnes antigens  in the auto immune system. This is an extremely rare disease and has been subsiding because of improved and widespread treatment of acne.

Cystic acne.  Occurring primarily in adolescence, this very common skin disease presents itself with scaly red skin, large papules, black and white heads, pimples, and possible scarring.  This occurs in proximately 85 to 95% of all teenagers. There are much less numbers of teenagers with acne in remote and rural communities. It is said to affect over 565 million people every year.

Acne necrotica. This primary bump is a lesion that sometimes it's painful and heels with a noticeable scar.

Acne halogen. This acne is caused by iodides and bromides eventually erupt. It is basically a chemical reaction on the skin.

Acme keloidalis nuchae. This acne is particularly damaging because it is when the hair follicle almost is completely enveloped under the skin. There is a raised bump in this condition and it is very difficult to locate the hair follicle to release The hair. It occurs primarily in Black man either on the lower part of the hairline or more commonly on their face and neck. Blackman have a particularly difficult time with the shaving process as this form of acne is the result which is caused by the shaving blade.

Black men often cut your hair very low which is the perfect set up for the hair to then back or band into a open poor. This is the beginning stages of the Acme process as this becomes an ingrown hair which creates inflammation and a bump that ultimately swallows and surrounds the hair follicle.

Some women will get this form of Acne as a result of shaving their inner thighs and pubic area. And it is thus the reason why some women prefer to remove the hair in their pubic, inner thighs, legs, arms and face with a wax treatment as opposed to shaving.

The wax treatment actually surrounds the hair follicle and upon a quick and explosive removal actually rips the hair follicle deep within the poor. This diminishes the possibility of developing acne as a result of the hair follicle double backing or sticking into an open poor that's causing acne.

Acne with facial edema. This form of Acne And occurs just below the eyes, around the nose, cheek and upper lip area. 

Acne miliaris necrotica. This form of acne is also one that is dependent upon a hair follicle which has double back into a poor. Unlike Acme keloidalis nuchae this form of acne occurs in one solitary poor. It is the result of one solitary hair going back into the poor and causing inflammation. It is not to be confused with Acme keloidalis nuchae which can affect an entire region of the face, neck, pubic area, back of the neck.

Moles.  Melanocrytic Nevus.  Commonly known as moles this is a lesion that is characterized by a darker discoloration and often times a raised area over the skin. Most malls are B9 however the presence of moles can be an indication of a higher risk of skin melanoma. A mall can be under the skin or a darker growth on top of the skin. Celebrities who have had noticeable moles have been Marilyn Monroe,  Robert De Niro,  Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, Ben AFLAC, Mariah Carey, Kelly Rowland, Julio Iglesias, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rod Stewart, Rihanna. 

Fortunately cosmetic surgery can remove a particularly noticeable mole. This is a common procedure for people who have a particularly large mole on their face.

There are a number of over-the-counter solutions that would prove to be beneficial. Proactive is a mail-order solution that has gained in popularity. There are number of celebrities who have been promoting proactive. These celebrities include Sean columns, elLe McPherson, Christie Brinkley, and a number of other celebrities.

Diets which can lead to high amounts of refined sugar or carbohydrates, such as breads and potato chips have also been known to increase the frequency of acne.

In addition, certain birth control devices have been also known to cause acne.

There are many hypothesis on what is the cause of acne. Some say it is caused by greasy food, candy, chocolate and many other food related factors.

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