Save Money And Time in your Next Vacation

Have some flexibility with your travel plans when picking a destination. Going somewhere different might be more relaxing and memorable. A different destination may save you several hundreds of dollars.

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To lease a car you must be 18 or older, but some companies go even farther and establish the minimum at 25. Chances are a rental service will charge an under 25 driver a higher rate, in addition to a credit is needed. Certain laws forbid seniors from renting a car. Make sure to ask what the age demands are before making reservations.

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Pack travel candles in your bag if you're planning on staying at a resort. Candles may make a room smell better. It's relaxing and amorous, and may even enable you to fall asleep easier. Lots of retailers carry these candles, which sell in sizes suitable for journey and devoid of wax drips.

Not everyone can afford to stay at the Ritz, and at times you get stuck at a less than one-star hotel. Bring a rubber doorstop to stay safe. Use it and the lock in your own door. Although intruders can break the chain and lock easily, opening the room door is extremely difficult with a firmly lodged door stop under the doorway.

As you plan your trip, select a digital camera that really satisfies your requirements. Rechargeable batteries will not work on a camping trip, for example. Look for a digital camera you'll be able to turn on and concentrate fast. You do not want to miss anything memorable.

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