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A Bug Free Mind claims to have the answer to alter a life for the better, and in a current video released on Youtube, best selling author Andy Shaw has actually provided a quick peek into someone's future, exposing a specific path to riches, a path he says that his international students from over 110 nations are currently on. . During the podcast Andy says... "Do not ask yourself what price you would place on the value of the life you have today, as a better question would be, what value would you place on the life you truly wish to have. Just ask yourself one single question. If you really live for the next twenty years, would you be any more forward than you are right now, or would you still have the exact same life as you do today, feeling unhappy, simply searching for the next glossy object, and never in fact getting any real changes."

Andy said that inspiration was the magical ingredient for getting a dream life, while sharing a short story about how he inspired his own kid to achieve a push scooter flip. Andy added... "I didn't do what the majority of moms and dads do and erroneously shoot their children's dreams in the foot by stating it would take a big effort, or they would miss out on other things. Instead I told him it was possible and explained to him how he would do it, how he would have to select one thing over another to be able to do it. I didn't put my ideas into him, I kept out of the way and let him find his own motivation."

He continued to discuss how the credit crunch had actually served up a right mess, and while the bankers who had caused it continued to be faceless, his business had actually been a much easier target at the time. He added: "Well, in December 2010 I was released from bankruptcy a year after it happened. Then 2 years after the liquidation I was notified by the body that governs Limited Companies, that they intended to strike both me and my company partner off as Directors."

According to millionaire Andy Shaw, Motivation is a fuel just used by unsuccessful people, which will certainly not take unsuccessful people as far as they need to go to become successful, with successful people taking on board a totally different fuel. He included... "If you feel you are searching for motivation then the possibilities are you have not yet found your reason why. This is the reason you need to do this, your reason is your magic fuel, and your inspiration. As Mark Twain stated, the 2 crucial days in our life are the day we are born and the day we find out why."

According to Andy Shaw, "Relax Don't Do It," a renowned song by Frankie Goes To Hollywood from the early eighties, and in fact banned at the time by the BBC, is exactly what a mind is stating when people wish to make a change of direction in their lives. He added... "A frame of mind that wants us to unwind is in fact telling us to not being motivated, so that positive change will certainly never take place. In my structured thinking series called A Bug Free Mind, I explain ways to act to constantly be inspired for successful decision making, so that your mind works for you and not against you. The first 5 chapters are available to download absolutely free on the bug free mind website, and promise to make a life much better in under a week."

The axed global property tycoon didn't lose any time getting back into business, and has actually just recently been acknowledged by people from over 110 different nations for his contribution to the success mindset sector. According to Andy, his "Bug Free Mind Process" is set out in 2 parts called "Creating A Bug Free Mind," and "Using A Bug Free Mind," and both created to be the most reliable work ever produced on self enhancement. He added: "Too many books have actually been written on personal development with too few positive results. The purpose of this system is to put a useful procedure into the hands of lots of people, and to provide them with the education they need to provide the life they want. Currently thousands of individuals have actually started using The Bug Free Process to alter their lives, and they all started by reading the first 5 chapters, which are freely available on the site."

Andy went on to explain why he was so decided to contest the Company House report including 37 reasons why he would never ever be a director again. He said: "Thankfully in my very first best seller book called "Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free," I actually wrote that the only way for this model to fail, was if all the banks stopped lending cash." Eventually the Trustee from the commission declared Andy had actually done nothing wrong, as the bankruptcy had actually been caused by a worldwide financial catastrophe.

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The business owner additionally stated that If somebody wished to do something big, then they would have to discover inspiration first to become motivated. He added... "If you want to accomplish something that you want however are not motivated enough to do it, then you will need careful timing and regular motivation, otherwise known as perpetual torture. Nevertheless, by discovering your reason why to do something, or your reason not to do something, (which is equally as essential), then you have the ability to simply do it, or simply not do it. Finding either an absence of or a stack of inspiration is using the law of least effort and is taking the natural route."

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