Website Development Guide Part I

You cannot design a pixel-perfect layouts because of large number of users. It is not possible for all platform. You need to do testing as much as possible. Your design will be effective in IE9+ and the modern version of Chrome, iOS, Firefox and Android browsers. Most of the people of the world use these browsers. You have to post original artwork. You need to pay respect to the laws related to copyright. You need to keep objectionable material at the minimum level. You have to introduce innovative visual themes in your project. As always you can google "web design tutorials" or also visit us to find out more.

The web designers created web designs for mobile phones. They created layouts for devices. It introduced problems with content. The internet had slow speed. So loading was slow. Then column grids were introduced. The 960 grid system was introduced. Then 12-column division is now a part of modern web design.The general elements e.g. forms, navigation, buttons were designed in an easy way. The web design of website and an app are nearly the same.

You can use Treehouse for learning HTML and CSS online. This portal named Treehouse provides you comprehensive knowledge on web design. In CSS, all the elements have a default display. You can create dropdown menu using HTML and CSS. The default display in CSS is a block or inline. There is a block level and an inline element.

You can accurately manage the web design. You can use css for advance level web design.

You can control the style of document in hypertext using CSS. The designer creates the ultimate magic on the web page using CSS. The beauty of a website is enhanced by web development.

DOCTYPE html >. There are also other technical aspects of HTML like box model math, Rem units and Mobile Safari.There is another aspect known as float element. These floated elements come initially in a document.

There are styling table rows, firebox and < input > < input > Button. They are applied in Firefox.

HTML defines the web page structure. CSS helps us to present a web page. You can design a page using CSS by color, design, fonts.

The HTML is written in text format. There are tags. The tags are also known as elements. When you start writing a line, you insert the opening tag. The end of a document is marked by a closing tag. There are attributes in opening tag. It needs name and value.

Notepad++ is used for Windows in html page formation. You can save your html page on the desktop in a folder. You can click the file containing html page 2 times in the website.

Website wireframe
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