Why Should I Try an OTC Toenail Fungus Treatment Option For My Toenail Fungal Infection?

Always utilize a thoroughly clean towel and dry your feet immediately after a shower or bath, specifically in between the toes. If at all possible, don't go to public swimming pools if you have a nail fungal infection since your are very infectious. However if you do go, guard yourself and other people by wearing water shoes.

Often cutting a fungus toenail is painful. When this happens you have no option but to see a doctor. The nail is too dense and the infection too deep and that's what's causing the discomfort. Regrettably, surgical removal of the toenail might be your only option at this point. Only your physician can decide for sure.

If you still wish to treat your nail fungi infection in the house, the very best option is to choose an over-the-counter nail fungus treatment. These work since they are created from a mix of tested natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil. What makes them much more effective is the active ingredient. We prefer otc nail fungi treatments because they are less expensive and less risky than taking an oral prescribed medication drug.

We consider all natural treatment options, although safe, are not as efficient as nonprescription topical treatment methods. The fact is, organic solutions are time consuming and somewhat of a hassle to use. They normally include 30 minute foot baths two times a day. Who has an hour a day to devote to curing their nail fungus, despite how embarrassing it might be?

We have the greatest requirements when advising a toenail fungus topical treatment. The solution needs to be prepared with natural components that have been proven to successfully get rid of toenail infection. Also, the formulation needs to include an effective anti-fungal active component that's FDA accepted.

If you are worried about cost, vicks vaporub and apple cider vinegar, widely used home remedies, don't cost too much money. But low cost does not mean great value. The issue with these remedies is that they either take a great deal of your time or they are sloppy to work with. When a product is difficult, people tend not to do it. Over the counter topical treatments doesn't have this concern.

Clove oil is found in some nonprescription toenail fungus remedies. This is an effective antifungal oil. The potent ingredient in clove oil is eugenol. Medical studies have verified the anti-fungal, anesthetic and antibacterial properties of this compound.

EmoniNail is among our top three advised nonprescription topical nail fungus treatments. It is created to penetrate the difficult nail plate to ensure that the active components to start working away at the nail bed. One bottle of EmoniNail has a blend of Undecyclenic acid, sunflower seed oil and tea tree oil to remove nail fungi and nurture the nail plate.

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